When an LAPD  homicide detective turned Army commando escapes after being knocked unconscious and captured by the Nazis during WWII,  he discovers that not only is he now back in Los Angeles, but it is 1985 and he hasn’t aged a day.


LAPD homicide detective turned Army commando Michael McCain escapes after being knocked unconscious and captured by the Nazis during WWII. He discovers that not only is he in back Los Angeles, but its 1985 and he hasn’t aged a day.

While battling ruthless killers who are desperately trying to recapture him, McCain teams up with his former partner, retired police lieutenant Frank Del Pozzo, who’s now in his 70’s. Frank is a modern man, 1980’s-style, and has his work cut out for him trying to help McCain navigate and survive the strange new world he’s found himself in.

Frank had given up on life after his wife was killed in an auto accident a few years ago and is rejuvenated by McCain’s return.

While the fists and bullets fly and the bodies pile up, McCain reconnects with his ex-fiancée, Beatrice, who he’s still madly in love with, and duels with Stickler, the killers’ tougher than hell female boss.

Utilizing their own unique 1940’s-style Bogart brand of detecting, McCain and Frank try to stay alive long enough to figure out just what the hell is going on…

“James Bruner and Elizabeth Stevens have fashioned a taut, engrossing adventure thriller with a believable sci-fi twist and a good-humored undertone that will put fans in a state of amused suspense. The hero is so tough his brass knucks are a family heirloom.”

~ Jim Morris – A Green Beret veteran and award-winning author of War Story, Above and Beyond, The Green BeretsFiftieth Anniversary…

“Original, riveting and spellbinding from first page to last.  Fast Forward is a terrific read that will definitely deprive you of a night’s sleep.”

J. C. Pollock – Author of a number of New York Times Bestselling Thrillers, includingCrossfire, Centrifuge, and Mission M.I.A..

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