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Ice Dreams

Synopsis: Fourteen years after a tragic accident, former Olympic figure skater Amy Clayton agrees to coach a young student.  In doing so, she must face the demons of her past and embark upon a journey of healing her shattered life and broken relationships. © The Hallmark Channel.

Ice Dreams was nominated for the $100,000 Epiphany Award for Television for the Most Inspiring Television Program at’s 19th Annual Faith & Values Awards Gala in Hollywood.

Missing In Action

Synopsis: Martial arts master Chuck Norris mounts a one-man invasion to save his comrades imprisoned in the jungles of post-war Vietnam in this blistering, fast-paced action/adventure. © MGM.

Missing In Action was a Number 1 Box Office hit, generating two sequels.

The Delta Force

Synopsis: In this swiftly-paced action/thriller torn from the headlines, Chuck Norris and Lee Marvin lead a team of elite military commandos against terrorists who have hijacked a planeload of tourists. © MGM.

The Delta Force was a Box Office Hit and generated one sequel plus an untold number of spin-offs and imitations.

Invasion USA

Synopsis: A band of rebel terrorists invade America with deadly assaults and well- planned assassinations. Only one man can stop the slaughter: Matt Hunter, an ex-CIA agent who knows the mastermind behind these attacks. Hunter stalks the rebels, one by one, until he corners the crazed terrorist leader in a final confrontation. A large-scale action adventure. © MGM.

 Invasion USA was a Number 1 Box Office hit.


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