Shout Factory has just released an outstanding new Collector’s Edition MISSING IN ACTION Blu-ray Disc featuring a NEW INTERVIEW with Screenwriter James Bruner and Audio Commentary by Director Joseph Zito.

MISSING IN ACTION is probably Chuck Norris’ most popular film – and out of the five movies James wrote for Chuck Norris, it is James’ favorite.

Next up are a couple of classic films getting the special edition treatment. First up is Missing in Action. Chuck Norris already had a solid following in the early 80s but it was 1984?s Missing in Action that really catapulted him to superstardom. Norris plays Colonel James Braddock, an American officer who spent seven years in a Vietnamese POW camp and escaped. Now 10 years later Braddock returns to Vietnam with a government investigation team to look into reports of American prisoners still being held captive. And once their fears are confirmed, Braddock will stop at nothing to free every last man.

Missing in Action is pure 80s gold. It was the first in a five picture contract with Cannon Films and really started a new era of 80s action films. Norris is his usual stoic self but it works like gangbusters here with some great intrigue, fantastic action sequences and the added bonus of M. Emmet Walsh and James Hong supporting Chuck. And this new Shout Factory Collector?s Edition has a killer new audio commentary with director Joseph Zito and a new interview with writer James Bruner. A welcome addition for all 80s action fans.


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