There are already gazillions of great, informative entertainment industry blogs out there. We love these blogs and get a lot out of them, but we didn’t know if we could necessarily add anything of value in our own blog. We felt that it is all already out there. This has held us back from blogging.

We finally realized that we have many stories to tell about our adventures in movies, music, books and television – and we’re living more of them all the time. Plus, we have heard many great stories from friends and associates. That’s when the light bulb went on. Let’s write about our past and ongoing adventures and misadventures in the world of Hollywood.

Not to say that our blog won’t occasionally be informative, but we’re more into blogging about our stories and experiences. We will also be featuring stories from our friends and even some strangers, with their permission, of course.

Among lots of other things, we’re going to be talking about things like how Number One films almost didn’t get made, how not to get famous when you sing the lead on a Number One Disco song, why it’s not a great idea to try to make a Kung Fu movie in London under the radar, why it’s a good idea not to believe a producer who tells an actress “but don’t worry, it’s not nudity” and how to talk to tyrannical movie directors in terms that they understand.

So follow us if you want to hear some of our interesting and entertaining stories about the trials and tribulations of trying to make your dreams come true in books, movies, music and TV. There may even be some inspiration sprinkled in for good measure.

by James Bruner & Elizabeth Stevens


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